Math Challenge IV Guided Study Groups

Course Description

This course is for experienced students who can solve at least a few problems in the AIME contest and qualify or almost qualify for USA(J)MO. In this course, the students learn more in-depth math concepts and problem-solving strategies that involve more rigorous mathematical writing and a broad range of topics. Students are trained to comfortably solve the AIME problems to qualify for USA(J)MO, also to comfortably write mathematical proofs for problems at the USA(J)MO level, aiming to win USA(J)MO and get into the prestigious MOSP. The topics include everything covered in MC-III with more depth, and additional topics such as quadratic residue, Diophantine equations, recurrence, proving inequalities, mathematical induction, functional equations, generating functions, inversion, projective geometry, and rigorous proof-writing practices. Through the effective guidance and direction by our experienced teachers, students develop strong problem solving skills that make them perform well in AIME and USA(J)MO.

Each Guided Study group will follow handouts of Math Challenge IV material.

See the Registration and Tuition information below for more information of how Areteem Instructors supervise students as part of a Guided Study Group.

Course Terms

Current offerings for Guided Study Groups at the MC IV level (more coming in the future):

  • Number Theory: Pigeonhole Principle, Mathematical Induction, Inequalities, Diophantine Equations, and Functional Equations (material covered in the Spring '20 Live Class)

Note: For math Challenge IV, subject categories (such as Algebra or Number Theory) may have multiple Guided Study Groups, each covering different topics.

Each Guided Study Group may require 6+ hours of study each week. Advanced and motivated students can take multiple subjects at the same time, but only in special cases do we recommend enrollment in 3 or more Guided Study Groups at the same time.

Registration and Tuition

Click on any of the courses below to register! Tuition for a single Math Challenge IV Guided Study Group is \$420, and includes:

  • The chosen subject's Math Challenge IV handouts and accompanying video lectures
  • Weekly homework with feedback and guidance from experienced instructors
  • Online Discussion Forum for asking and answering questions on the week's material
  • Weekly online office hours and study sessions for live help from instructors

Alternative Math Challenge IV Options

The focus of this Guided Study Group is Math Challenge IV Math Olympiad Selected Topics. Topics covered include: Pigeonhole Principle, Mathematical Induction, Inequalities, Diophantine Equations, and Functional Equations

The registration fee of \$420 includes the course handouts, accompanying video lectures, graded homework assignments with personalized feedback, and access to discussion forums and live office hour sessions.