Prep for Calculus

Note: Please see the course terms below for a special offering of Precalculus in Spring-Summer 2020.

Course Description

This series is divided into two courses, Precalculus and Intro to Calculus.

In the summer term the Intro to Calculus course provides a head start for students taking a Calculus course starting in the fall. It covers fundamental knowledge of sequences, series, and limits, and uses this knowledge to give an introduction to derivatives and integrals.

During the school year, the Precalculus course is designed for high school students with a strong interest in accelerating their mathematical studies and preparing to take an AP Calculus AB or BC course next year. Students enrolled in this course will gain exposure to many precalculus concepts including linear and quadratic functions, trigonometry, exponents, and logarithms. Additionally, students will acquire problem solving skills that can be applied to their any current or future math courses. This course can be taken concurrently with Algebra 2 if the student wants to take Calculus a year early in high school.

Students are encouraged to take the full Precalculus course and then Intro to Calculus.

Course Terms

Intro to Calculus is offered in one term:

  • Summer, covering sequences, series, and an introduction to derivatives and integrals

Precalculus is offered in three terms:

  • Fall, covering polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions
  • Winter, covering Trigonometry and conic sections
  • Spring, covering matrices, vectors, and polar coordinates

Spring - Summer 2020 Intensive Precalculus:

  • A special session of the Precalculus course (covering material from all terms of precalculus) that meets twice a week for 20 weeks will be offered starting April 28th, 2020. See below for information and registration.

For more information about the topics covered each term, please click here.

Course Meetings

Please see the individual courses below for exact dates and times of meetings.


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In a special intensive version of our Precalculus course, students learn the fundamental precalculus topics needed to succeed in Calculus. This course systematically covers all the typical material from a high school precalculus course, featuring:

  • Live sessions with instructors to cover problems and ask questions.
  • Homework assignments including video recordings reviewing key concepts, practice problems to build knowledge, and quizzes to test knowledge.
  • Personalized feedback and guidance from instructors to keep everyone on track.

It will meet Tuesdays and Fridays from 1:00-2:10pm Pacific Time starting April 28th, 2020 and ending August 28th, 2020, a total of 42 hours of live instruction.

Tuition for the course is \$1800 and includes access to all the live sessions and homework feedback each week. The required textbook below is not included.

  • Glencoe PrecalculusRequired Textbook: Glencoe Precalculus. The textbook is required for assigned readings and practice for the homework. The book is available for rent or purchase through McGraw Hill.