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MC2A Help 2

MC2A Help 2
TangDavid 发表于 2018年11月5日 Monday 21:43

Help me, I'm on the last problem and I'm stumped.

Re: MC2A Help 2
ReynosoDavid 发表于 2018年11月6日 Tuesday 11:13

By "last problem" do you mean 8.30?

Since you know $AD = 5\sqrt{6}$ and $BC = 5$, you can use Power of a Point to find $DC$. Then you can use similar triangles to find out the lengths of other segments that you'd need to find the area of the trapezoid.

Here is a diagram of the problem that might be helpful:

Re: Re: MC2A Help 2
TangDavid 发表于 2018年11月6日 Tuesday 15:16

OK, thanks.