Topics Covered in Math Challenge I-A

Summer Sample Lessons for Pre-Algebra/Word Problems

  1. Ratios and Proportions
  2. Ratios, Proportions, and Percentages
  3. Sums, Differences, and Multiples
  4. Chickens and Rabbits
  5. Chicken and Rabbits & Mixing
  6. Motion
  7. Motion
  8. Work
  9. Work
  10. Math Contest Review

Fall Sample Lessons for Geometry

  1. Counting Through Patterns
  2. Problem Solving with Measurements
  3. Dance with Angles
  4. Magic In Triangles
  5. You Are Special, Right?
  6. Angles Are Special Too
  7. Area of Polygons
  8. Cool Areas
  9. Circle Around
  10. Math Contest Review

Winter Sample Lessons for Counting & Probability

  1. The Sum Rule: An Introduction to Counting
  2. The Product Rule
  3. Does Order Matter? Permutations and Combinations
  4. Counting Strategies: Grouping and Spacing
  5. Counting Strategies: Stars and Bars
  6. Venn Diagrams and Sets
  7. Patterns and Sequences
  8. What are the Chances? Probability
  9. Probability and Statistics
  10. Math Contest Review

Spring Sample Lessons for Number Theory

  1. Place Values and Calculation Tricks
  2. Building Blocks: Primes and Factors
  3. Problem Solving with Primes and Factors
  4. Divisibility Fundamentals
  5. Problem Solving with Divisibility
  6. Fundamentals of GCD's and LCM's
  7. Problem Solving using GCD's and LCM's
  8. Remainders and Modular Arithmetic
  9. Word Problems with Modular Arithmetic
  10. Math Contest Review