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Feedback on Assignments: AP Physics 1

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Feedback on Assignments: AP Physics 1
by selina z - Tuesday, August 16, 2022, 2:10 PM


I hope you are doing well!

Would you mind giving me feedback on the following assignments for AP Physics 1? Thank you!

June 17th Coin Lab
June 24th Freefall Lab
June 28th/July 1st Lab Projectile Motion
July 5th/July 8th HW Forces Practice
July 5th/July 8th Lab Newton 2nd Law
July 12 lab
July 19th HW
July 19th Lab
July 22nd Labs (Dry/Wet Power)
July 26th HW
July 29th HW (momentum)
July 29th Labs (elastic, inelastic)
August 2nd HW
August 5th HW
August 5th Lab (radius)
August 9th/12 HW
August 12th Lab (torque)

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Re: Feedback on Assignments: AP Physics 1
by John Lensmire - Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 11:37 AM

Hi Selena,

The labs are typically just graded on completion rather than detailed feedback. If there are some labs in particular that you had more specific questions on, we're happy to answer additional questions here in the forum.

For the homework, you should have feedback now on all the homework assignments (let me know if any are still missed). Hope that helps!