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MC II-B HW submission problem

MC II-B HW submission problem
WongDerek 发表于 2019年01月18日 Friday 16:53


For some reason, my pdf didn't submit with my hw when I turned it in, even though I had attached it to my submission. Now my submission showed that I apparently didn't have a pdf attached to the submission and my grade doesn't reflect that. I don't know whether that's my laptop's fault or something happened with the system, so I guess I should re-submit it here. Thanks.

Re: MC II-B HW submission problem
ReynosoDavid 发表于 2019年01月22日 Tuesday 16:55

Thanks for letting us know, Derek. The assignment should be graded now. I believe you should be able to double check your file is up by "reviewing your attempt" before it is due.