AMC 8 Preparation

This page includes workshops and preparation courses for upcoming AMC 8 competitions.

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This online prep course will review the fundamental knowledge and cover problem solving skills needed to excel on this year's AMC 8 test. Students will learn the tricks needed to solve common problems efficiency, and practice with previous math contest problems, taken from ZIML, AMC 8, MATHCOUNTS, and more.

It will meet Wednesdays 4-6 PM Pacific (7-9 PM Eastern), starting September 16th, 2020 and finishing November 4th. All meetings will be held online.

Tuition for the course is \$600 and includes all 8 live classes (with recordings for review) as well as homework assignments each week. Registration is available with the link above (or by clicking here).

This year's AMC 8 will be offered online.

Students who are not able to take the AMC 8 at their school can register to take the AMC 8 through Areteem for a \$30 fee (non-refundable, see below). Registration is available with the link above (or by clicking here).

Once your payment is processed, be sure to complete the Student Questionnaire to complete your registration.

Note: Areteem offers the AMC 8 to help students who would otherwise be unable to participate in the AMC 8. Fees for registration are used to further our goal of improving problem solving skills in math for students around the world. As such, there are no refunds given for AMC 8 registration fees.

Each fall year thousands of students take the AMC 8 (click here for more information). To fully prepare, students need time to systematically learn the necessary math knowledge and problem solving skills.

The 2020 AMC 8 Complete Prep Package includes:

  • Access to our full Math Challenge (MC) I-AB curriculum:
    • Four MC I-B course textbooks covering Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Counting & Probability, and Number Theory
    • 40 Recorded Video Lectures covering example problems from the textbooks
  • 30 Live Meetings from 4:30-6:00pm Pacific Time (7:30-9:00pm Eastern Time) held on Fridays:
    • Interactive problem solving with our experienced and professional instructors
    • Graded homework and Mock AMC 8 Exams to track progress
    • Personalized feedback and guidance from instructors and teaching assistants

Dates and Time: Fridays from 4:30-6:00pm Pacific Time (7:30-9:00pm Eastern Time) starting February 28th, 2020.

  • The course will start with the 10 live sessions of the MC I-B Spring Term.
  • Starting in the summer of 2020, topics in Pre-Algebra, Geometry, and Counting & Probability will be covered using the self-paced materials. 

Location: Online

Fee: \$2800