Each fall year thousands of students take the AMC 8 (click here for more information). To fully prepare, students need time to systematically learn the necessary math knowledge and problem solving skills.

The 2020 AMC 8 Complete Prep Package includes:

  • Access to our full Math Challenge (MC) I-AB curriculum:
    • Four MC I-B course textbooks covering Pre-Algebra, Geometry, Counting & Probability, and Number Theory
    • 40 Recorded Video Lectures covering example problems from the textbooks
  • 30 Live Meetings from 4:30-6:00pm Pacific Time (7:30-9:00pm Eastern Time) held on Fridays:
    • Interactive problem solving with our experienced and professional instructors
    • Graded homework and Mock AMC 8 Exams to track progress
    • Personalized feedback and guidance from instructors and teaching assistants

Dates and Time: Fridays from 4:30-6:00pm Pacific Time (7:30-9:00pm Eastern Time) starting February 28th, 2020.

  • The course will start with the 10 live sessions of the MC I-B Spring Term.
  • Starting in the summer of 2020, topics in Pre-Algebra, Geometry, and Counting & Probability will be covered using the self-paced materials. 

Location: Online

Fee: \$2800

This online prep course will review the fundamental knowledge and cover problem solving skills needed to excel on this year's AMC 8 test. Students will learn the tricks needed to solve common problems efficiency, and practice with previous math contest problems, taken from ZIML, AMC 8, MATHCOUNTS, and more.

It will meet Wednesdays 4-6 PM Pacific (7-9 PM Eastern), starting September 11th, 2019 and finishing October 30th. All meetings will be held online.

Tuition for the course is \$600 and includes all 8 live classes (with recordings for review) as well as homework assignments each week. Registration is available with the link above (or by clicking here).