Math Contest Preparation

Areteem offers many different courses, workshops, and reviews for students preparing for math competitions like the American Math Contest series (AMC 8, AMC 10/12, AIME, USA(J)MO), MATHCOUNTS, and ZIML.

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Core Courses

Areteem's Math Challenge (MC) courses provide systematic coverage of the fundamental knowledge and problem solving skills needed to succeed in math contests. These courses are available online as either live courses (meeting each week) or as self-paced (including recorded video lectures). Click on any of the course names below for additional information.

  • MC I-A and MC I-B provide knowledge needed for AMC 8 as well as school and chapter MATHCOUNTS.
  • MC I-C provides knowledge for students making the jump from AMC 8 to AMC 10 and knowledge needed for chapter and state MATHCOUNTS.
  • MC II-A provides knowledge needed for the AMC 10 and state and national MATHCOUNTS.
  • MC II-B provides knowledge needed for the AMC 12 and national MATHCOUNTS.
  • MC III and MC IV provide knowledge needed for the AIME and USA(J)MO competitions.

Additional Prep Courses, Workshops, and Individualized/Group Learning

  • Short Prep Courses (available for registration in the categories below) are typically 8 week online courses designed to give an accelerated overview of topics needed for various math competitions. These courses cover the most important knowledge points and feature practice problems from old math competitions.
  • Intensive Preparation Packages (available for registration in the categories below) are group lessons for dedicated students who wish to rapidly improve. These courses cover the knowledge points of the Core Courses above as well as additional practice problems.
  • Review Videos covering problems from past contests are available in the categories below and on our partner site by clicking here.
  • Workshops (available for registration in the categories below) are typically one or two day training courses (either held locally or online) that provide a quick review of important material.
  • Private Lessons (application information available below) are available for dedicated students who wish to work with an instructor one-on-one. Private lessons require Areteem approval, and is typically reserved for returning students.

Students interested in private lessons or coaching from Areteem instructors should start by filling out a Private Lessons Application found at the link above (or by clicking here).