Live Physics

Areteem offers different courses, workshops, and reviews for students learning physics and preparing for physics competitions (Physics Bowl, F=ma, and Physics Olympiad) and the AP Physics 1, 2, and C exams.

Core Courses

Areteem offers core physics courses that cover the central knowledge needed as a foundation in physics.

  • Physics Fundamentals is an algebra based physics course that covers mechanics, thermodynamics, electricity & magnetism, and modern physics. This course is ideal as a first course in physics. It also provides the background knowledge for students preparing for the Physics Bowl. Middle school students who have taken algebra can take Physics Fundamentals to prepare for more advanced physics classes in high school.
  • Advanced Placement Physics Courses are available as both summer intensive courses and throughout the school year. Click here for more information and registration.

Physics Competitions

The two most common physics competitions are the Physics Bowl and the Physics Team (starting with the F=ma exam and leading to the Physics Olympiad competition).

Preparation for Competitions

  • Physics Bowl: Students preparing for the Physics Bowl should take Physics Fundamentals to build the background knowledge needed for the exam. Areteem Physics Bowl workshops throughout the year will provide an extra boost and build problem solving techniques.
  • F=ma: Students preparing for the F=ma exam need to be comfortable with advanced mechanics and reasoning with calculus. While the mechanics term of Physics Fundamentals or AP Physics 1 cover most of the knowledge necessary for the F=ma exam, the best way to prepare is with AP Physics C: Mechanics.
  • Physics Olympiad: Students who have passed the F=ma exam and want to succeed in the Physics Olympiad need to be comfortable with advanced calculus based physics covering a range of topics. AP Physics C: Mechanics and AP Physics C: Electricity & Magnetism are recommended for Physics Olympiad, as well as additional study in thermodynamics and modern physics.

Students already comfortable with the background knowledge above can see the Physics Competition Prep courses available below or by clicking here.