Physics Competition Prep Courses

2022-23 Physics Olympiad Preparation Courses

To prepare for the Physics Olympiad exams (F=ma and USAPhO) in Spring 2022, one 8 Week Prep Course is planned. Registration is available below.

How do these courses relate to Areteem's Physics Fundamentals and AP Physics courses?

These preparation courses are meant for students who have already learned physics concepts in a course such as Physics Fundamentals or AP Physics. While some fundamental knowledge will be reviewed, it is recommended that students who have not taken yet a physics course enroll in either Physics Fundamentals or AP Physics. , click the links below:

This online prep course will review the fundamental knowledge and cover problem solving skills needed to excel on this year's F=ma exam. Students will learn the tricks needed to solve common problems efficiency, and practice with previous physics contest problems, taken from F=ma, Physics Bowl, Physics Olympiad, and more.

It will meet Sundays, 1:00-2:30 PM Pacific (4:00-5:30 PM Eastern), starting December 11th.

Note: The first live session will be an introduction to the F=ma and the course. All other weeks will include a recorded video lecture to watch before the live session.

Tuition for the course is \$750 and includes all 8 live classes (with assigned recorded video lectures and recordings for review).