This is a bundle course for preparing for the annual Physics Olympiad, the F-ma contest. Two sets of recordings from previous courses are included:

  • 15 videos (~16 hours in total) of practice problem solving for the F=ma (from our "8 Week Prep Course for the F=ma")
  • 10 videos (~6 hours in total) of videos covering fundamental concepts for the F=ma (from our "Physics Challenge II: Mechanics" course)

This is a self-paced physics course bundle for the preparation of the annual Physics Bowl competition.  One full year of Physics Fundamentals courses, covering mechanics, electricity & magnetism, thermodynamics, and modern physics, are included.  In addition, a four-session course (2 hours per session) specifically for preparation of the Physics Bowl competition is included.  Links to the included courses, for accessing the videos and class materials, are on the course page, and will be visible once enrollment is done.