Topics Covered in Math Challenge III

The Math Challenge III class has more focus on problem-solving techniques rather than fundamental concepts and knowledge points. It is assumed that the students have learned the fundamentals. That being said, basic knowledge points are still covered if deemed necessary by the instructor, according to the students' level of experiences.

The order of these topics may vary, and these topics might not be all covered. The coverage will depend on time schedule and overall progress.

Summer Sample Topics for Algebra

  • Review of Logarithms
  • Review of Complex Numbers
  • Techniques for Solving Equations
  • Techniques for Solving Inequalities
  • Algebra in math contests

Fall Sample Topics for Geometry

  • Algebraic Techniques
  • Transformations
  • Applications of some important theorems
  • Applications of trigonometry
  • Area techniques
  • Geometry in math contests

Winter Sample Topics for Combinatorics

  • Basic Counting Principles
  • Problem types and techniques
  • Binomial Theorem and Combinatorial Identities
  • Probability concepts and applications
  • Combinatorics in math contests

Spring Sample Topics for Number Theory

  • Review of fundamental concepts, methods, and theorems
  • Problem solving techniques in Number Theory
  • Number Theory functions
  • Number Theory in math contests